IFA Canada Press Policy

IFA Canada welcomes qualified members of the Press to our events. We offer Press passes to qualified professional journalists as a service to the industry, to add value for exhibitors and sponsors and to help promote the event.

In exchange for providing you with a free full-event pass, we request that you share your article, blog post, video, write up, recap, review or social media coverage of the event you attend. You have 3-4 weeks after the conclusion of the event to send your coverage to admin@ifacanada.org.

If you are applying from a foreign publication, an English version of the piece must be provided.

You may also apply for more than one pass per publication as long as each individual provides coverage. Limits to the amount of press passes per publication will apply. If no coverage of the event is provided within the given time frame, the full conference fee will be charged per pass provided.

IFA Canada, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to:

  • offer or restrict Press passes on a case-by-case basis
  • close some parts of an event to the Press


Press passes at IFA Canada Conferences and Events provide access to:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Sessions
  • Exhibition
  • Panel Discussions


Registered journalists attending in-person must wear their press badges visibly and at all times when attending the conference and when covering IFA Canada sponsored events. 

Recording Devices

IFA Canada does not permit the outside use of recording devices within any of our event spaces or within sessions. The recording or photographing of another person without their express permission is prohibited. Individuals observed photographing or videotaping any presentation, in whole or part, will be asked to leave the meeting immediately.

Screenshots or recording of a virtual stream of an IFA Canada event in any capacity is also not permitted.

Who Doesn’t Qualify?

Free Press passes will not be given to: public relations, marketing, advertising, consultants, sales or IT professionals, financial/investment analysts, venture capitalists, writers for user-group/community newsletters or blogs, writers for vendor or in-house publications, bloggers for vendor websites, book authors and editors, technology consultants and freelance analysts. Media company executives do not qualify for Press passes, unless they are also bona fide professional working journalists as described above. If you do not qualify for a Press pass, you may register as a paying conference attendee.

Press passes are offered to professional journalists affiliated to recognized and relevant media outlets. If you have any questions or to request a Press pass, please contact admin@ifacanada.org.