IFA Congress

An Annual Congress, hosted by one of IFA’s Branches, provides an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience with respect to fiscal law.  These Congresses attract some 1400-2200 participants plus their accompanying persons.  They afford scope for useful contacts with leading experts in the fiscal field, both as part of the official program and in the course of private discussions.

Two subjects are selected each year by the Permanent Scientific Committee.  These subjects form the basis of exhaustive discussions, normally resulting in some sort of concluding statement or recommendation.

The ‘Cahiers de Droit Fiscal International contain IFA Branch Reports and the General Reports on these subjects.

The Congress program is supplemented by a choice of seminars, covering more technical subjects, whether international in character or focused on the law of the jurisdiction where the Congress is being held.


► IFA 2024 Cape Town

► IFA 2025 Lisbon

► IFA 2026 Melbourne

► IFA 2027 Stockholm

► From 1939 to present

Canadian Congresses

Canada has hosted the IFA Congress three times:


Vancouver, British Columbia



Toronto, Ontario



Montreal, Quebec