Event Policies


Events organized by IFA Canada are open to both members and non-members.


All attendees must register individually for IFA Canada events. Sharing a registration between two or more individuals is not permitted. Registration is not complete and cannot be confirmed until payment is received.

Admission to Events

Admission to event sessions and functions is restricted to registered individuals wearing the official event name badge. The name badge must be worn at all times in order to participate in conference activities. The name badge cannot be shared with or transferred to another individual.

Registration Substitutions

Substitution is permitted if a registrant is unable to attend a conference. The registration may be transferred to another individual, provided the substitute has the same membership status as the original registrant. Requests for substitution should be submitted to IFA Canada. The deadline for substitution requests is 5 (five) business days prior to the start of the conference. Substitution requests after the deadline must be made at the conference site.

Registration Cancellation

A registration may be cancelled by providing a written request for cancellation to the IFA Canada. The cancellation deadline is 5 (five) business days prior to the conference start date. Refunds for the registration fee less the applicable administration fee will be issued by cheque; please contact us for details.

Refunds do not apply for cancellation requests received after the deadline.

Personal Information Consent

Information gathered from your registration for the conference will be used and disclosed by IFA Canada for the purposes of administering the conference. In addition, a delegate list containing names, companies, e-mail addresses, cities, and date of registration is produced, and it is made available to sponsors, exhibitors, and others involved with IFA Canada who may want to contact delegates regarding their activities. If you do not want your name and contact information included in the delegate list and thus disclosed, please e-mail us as soon as possible in order to opt out.

Event Photos

We may at time photograph or record events for our archives. These images may on occasion be published on IFA Canada’s website for event-related purposes. Registrants who do not want their image published must notify us.

Recording Devices

IFA Canada does not permit the outside use of recording devices within any of our event space or within sessions.