IFA Cahiers in 2021 not published

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Annual IFA congresses and Main Subjects have all been postponed with one year. As a consequence, the publication of this years' Cahiers will also be postponed with one year to align with the 2022 Berlin Congress.

The yearly publication of the “Cahiers de droit fiscal international” has been IFA’s masterpiece since 1939. The publications contain a wealth of knowledge on international tax issues, dealing with the subjects to be discussed at the following Congress.

The Cahiers are an invaluable source of information of lasting scientific value for any specialist interested in international or comparative fiscal law. The publications comprise a general report, often an EU report, and Branch reports on each of the two selected subjects.

Published once a year and distributed free to all members of the Association, the printed publication of the Cahiers has been reduced to the general reports of both Subject 1 and Subject 2, together with the Summary and conclusions of all Branch reports. A full printed copy of the Cahiers including all Branch reports, can be ordered in the IFA shop. IFA members benefit from a 40% discount.  

Due to the ongoing global uncertainty caused by Covid-19 Central IFA, in cooperation with all future congress organising Branches, has decided to postpone each congress and each of the main subjects with one year. As the main subjects are postponed with one year, the publication of the Cahiers will also be postponed with one year to align with the 2022 Berlin Congress. This means that this year no Cahiers will be published.

Online Cahiers

The digital publications from 1980 are available to IFA members free of charge. Our membership platform contains an easy access to the full Cahiers, including the general reports, all Branch reports and biographies. It features a user-friendly search function and both General and Branch reports can be downloaded in PDF for off-line consultation. If you are not an IFA member but wish to gain access to the digital Cahiers, please contact us by email

If you are having trouble downloading the Volume please try the following:

  1. If you are using Chrome, please copy the link into Edge or
  2. Click with your right button on the Volume you would like to download and choose option “save as link” and place the link on your desktop. You will be able to open the pfd download from your desktop.

Access the online library of Cahiers by clicking on the image: