Accreditation information by Province, for the 2022 IFA Canada Tax Conference below. 


For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.

The Law Society of Alberta does not accredit courses offered by CLE providers nor assign hours to a course. It is the decision of each lawyer whether a CPD course or activity meets the requirements of Rule 67.1 and whether to include it in their CPD Plan.


This program has been approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for up to 11 CPD credits.

At the conclusion of the conference, you can click here to log-in to the Law Society of British Columbia’s website to register your credits. This program is listed under the name ‘2022 IFA Canada Tax Conference’.


This program may be reported for up to 11 hours of eligible CPD activity.

The Law Society of Manitoba does not accredit providers, but will have the discretion to determine that activities offered by a specific provider are not eligible activities if they do not adequately promote competent practice. It is up to the lawyer to determine if the activity is an eligible CPD activity.


This program is pending eligibility by the Law Society of New Brunswick for up to 11 CPD hours.
Lawyers are required to self-report their CPD activities in their Member Profile through the Law Society’s website.


This program is eligible for up to 11 Substantive Hours.

According to the Law Society of Ontario, substantive hours may address substantive or procedural law topics and/or law related subjects that are relevant to the lawyer’s or paralegal’s practice and professional development.


Training activities held outside the Province of Québec and approved by another Canadian bar or foreign bar as part of a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program of that other bar are automatically recognized by the Comité sur la formation continue obligatoire:

  • regardless of whether or not the member of the Québec Bar is a member of that other bar, and;
  • regardless of whether or not this training activity is offered by that bar itself or by a supplier accredited by that bar.

It is up to the member who wishes to attend such training activities to verify with the foreign bar that it is approved by under its own mandatory continuing legal education program and that it meets the requirements of the Règlement sur la formation continue obligatoire.

For these training activities, the member of the Québec Bar only has to declare in his training statement the training hours spent and to retain proof of registration and participation. No application for recognition shall be submitted to the Comité.


This program is eligible by the Law Society of Saskatchewan for up to 11 CPD hours.

Lawyers are required to self-report their CPD activities in their Member Profile through the Law Society’s website.

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