2011 IFA Travelling Lectureship

2011 IFA Travelling Lectureship Program
Programme de conférences itinérantes 2011

The Taxation of Business Profits: Fracture of the International Consensus?

Richard Vann
Professor of law University of Sydney, Sydney Australia


List of Reading Materials

 8:00-8:30 Registration and Refreshments
 8:30-9:00 Introduction
• Historical and policy background to the attribution of profits to permanent establishments in model and actual tax treaties

Reading:  Baker and Collier

 9:00-10:30  The Authorised OECD Approach
  • Functionally separate enterprise and relevant business activities approaches
  • Old rules of thumb and new rules of thumb (royalites, tangible property, interest, management fees)
  • Taxes on deductible amounts
  • Resolution of disputes

Reading:  Cudd Pressure
                OECD Part I

               Vann 1
                Case studies 1-4
                NEW OECD 2010 Article 7 and associated changes 

 10:30-11:00 Refreshment Break 
 11:00-11:45 Business resturctures and attribution of profits 
  • Interaction of articles 7 and 9 if PE constituted by separate entity
  • Agency PE’s and other deemed PE’s

Reading: Vann 2

  • New OECD work on intangibles

Reading:  Vann 3
                Case Studies 5-7

 11:45-12:30 Provisions removed from Article 7
  •  Deduction rule
  • Purchase rule
  • Formulary appotionment

Reading: Vann 4
               Vann 5
               Case Study 8