IFA Canada Committees

IFA Canada Council has five committees providing services to the membership.

Research Committee

Committee Purpose:
The committee will develop a robust strategy for supporting tax research, including providing grants/awards/bursaries to students, academics, etc., including the possible hiring of a part-time research director.

Committee Members:

 Ron Durand (Chair)    
 Brian Arnold  Angelo Nikolakakis Shawn Porter 
 Scott Wilkie  Larry Chapman Arnold Sherman
 Steve Ruby  Jacques Sasseville Robert Couzin

Communications Committee

Committee Purpose:
The committee will develop newsletters and email messages for members, seminar proceedings, and digitization past IFA papers, along with new initiatives for the website.

Committee Members:

Sandra Jack (Chair)  
 Lynn Moen Ken Buttenham 
 Patrick Marley Albert Baker 
Claire Kennedy  

Events Committee

Committee Purpose: 
This committee is responsible for deciding on the events to be held by IFA Canada each year, with special attention to events for young tax practitioners and students.

Committee Members:

Brian Mustard (Chair)  
Michael Kandev Jack Bernstein
Janice McCart Brian Ernewein
Jim Samuel Eric Bretsen

Governance Committee

Committee Purpose:
The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing the composition of Council, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws governing the Branch.

Committee Members:

Stephen Bowman (Chair)  
Mark Meredith Jason Durkin
Thomas Akin Brian Schneiderman

Finance Committee

Committee Purpose:
The Committee will monitor IFA Canada’s investment strategy, cash flow requirements, and pricing of seminars, and will approve financial statements.

Committee Members:

Patrick Marley (Chair)  
Steve Suarez Penny Woolford
Terry McDowell