IFA Cahiers on Demand

IFA Central has now made the full Cahiers available in hard copy for “print on demand.”


Individual orders made by members or by non-members can be made through the IFA web shop. The shop will recognize IFA members by their membership number and calculate the 40% discount:

The main Cahier booklet with General reports and EU/OECD reports

Non-members: € 125

Members: included in membership and sent to them every year in June. If a member wishes to receive a booklet extra:  € 75.

Complete set of two books including all General, EU /OECD and Branch reports

Non-members: € 208 for the complete set

Members: € 125 (which is a 40% discount for the complete set)


All prices are excluding 9% VAT and cost of sending. Shop and fulfilment will be handled through an ordering link in the web shop on the IFA website.

The shop can be found here: https://www.ifapublications.nl



●  Minimum of 10 sets of the two books (A/B). Below 10 sets, the price will be per individual order or on request (depending on the number of orders received worldwide).

●  Ordering by bulk can only be done by an IFA Branch

Price range: (all prices are excluding 9% VAT)

10 - 49 sets                                        : € 50,00 per set

50 - 99 sets                                        : € 37,50 per set

100 - 249 sets                                    : € 32,75 per set

250 - 499 sets                                    : € 30,25 per set

500 + sets:                                        : € 27,00 per set

●  This includes handling, packing, fulfilment, address stickers printing and placing in boxes

●  This does not include sending. Sending options range from pallet in harbour of choice to individual sending by IFA supplier and partners. This is on request and will differ per region. The supplier can send the Cahiers to individual addresses on request as is done with the main Cahier booklet sent every year in June. Branches will then need to supply the publisher with the labels including the membership number. This can be coordinated with Central IFA.

●  Please note that the prices stated above are maximum prices per set. The price level can potentially decrease depending on the number of orders worldwide.